About Me

Hello, thanks for coming by    Susan Kaul

My name is Susan Kaul. I’ve been blogging for about 20 years. But only as a secondary hobby until 2014, when I retired and had more time. Up until then I was a registered nurse and worked full time in an exhausting ER. All I had left to give was part time and as a hobby. Which was fine at the time.

But as I continued forward, I developed some health challenges, and so finally retired from nursing in 2014. But on the positive side I suddenly had a lot more time. And I always loved blogging so I started looking in to actually figuring out what to do to start making some money online.

Blogging can certainly be worthwhile if you have something to share with people that will enhance or improve their lives or help them in some way. That is noble and even fun. But there is nothing wrong with making some money while you are doing that. Never doubt there are many people out there that are making a full time living with their online efforts, and many even much more. That is not me.

I told you I started learning this craft just a few years ago, and have made great strides and made some huge mistakes. Started over more than once and met some really creepy people that said they were there to help you but they really wanted to do was take my money. Which they did. Oh well, my eyes are open now. And no irreparable damage was done.


This Is Where Day to Day Life Successes Comes In

Now I am connected with some really great people and I have learned so much, and I am continuing to grow. I will gladly share with you my journey. What works, what works well, and what is a big flop. You can take what works for you and grow your own business.

The things I’m good at are writing, telling a story, crafting, cooking, and helping people, after all I nursed for 45 years.

So the Main Categories of this Blog are:

  • Day to Day
  • Food And Recipes
  • Crafting
  • Organization and decluttering
  • Blogging For Money

This Blog is new and it is growing each day, I am filling it up as fast as I can because new ideas keep popping into my head. Under the section, Blogging For Money I share with you what it is I have learned and done and hopefully you’ll have a great takeaway from these articles. You can always reach out to me and I will do what I can to help in any way.


So come along and see what you see and learn what you can and ignore the rest. I do believe it is important to enjoy what you are doing, otherwise it is just another job, at that is definitely not what this journey is all about.

I’m glad your here and I hope I can help you live your best life!






Day to Day Life Successes 2018