Writing A Blog For Money? – Maybe You Should Think About That

Writing a blog for money



Writing a Blog For Money- Is It For You?

Writing a Blog For Money was never my main focus. Well not until 2014.

I have been blogging since 1998. My Focus was always to help people with their problems, especially with animals. I had a paralyzed dog and their was simply no information online about how to care for my dog’s special needs.  So I became that resource to so many people.   

And there was a ton of people that needed help like I did. So I had a built in Niche.








Back to writing a blog for money.

I was introduced to making money online when I met (virtually) Ed Dale and his 30 day challenge. He is an established internet marketer and is quite successful and he had the idea for he and some of his cronies to ‘give back’ for all that they had made in their marketing ventures. That’s when the 30 Day Challenge was born.

I joined The Challenge in 1998, which I believe was the second or third year of its existence.  The challenge is still around today but it has been renamed and is now serving a different purpose although as I understand it, it is still free.

The Challenge was to teach you how to make your first dollar online. They taught us about keyword research, setting up a blog, wordpress, and of course, marketing. All tremendously important skills and I will be forever grateful.  I did make my first dollar that first year, and what’s more I became hooked. It gets in your blood and it can’t be helped. You become a blogger. But always chasing that elusive dollar is not all that it is about.

Do You Think Writing a Blog for Money Is for You? Is this something you think you might be interested in? Read my 6 Critical Things to Consider Before Deciding to Blog, at the bottom of this post.


Blogging Can Be Hard –  Making Money Blogging Can Be Harder

Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Not at all!

writing a blog for moneyTo be a successful blogger you must figure out what you are doing. You need to associate with the right people and you need to be prepared to work hard and long hours. You need to set goals and you need to not give up when the going gets tough. And it will.

Basically you need a plan. At the bottom of this post you can read my 6 Critical Things to Consider Before Deciding to Blog, it just may help you decide what you should do about blogging.

Blogging is not for sissies. And success can be measured in many ways, not just monetarily. I promise. But there is money to be had.


A Little About Me

My career prior to blogging and even during blogging,  was nursing. I am a registered nurse and worked in many areas, I loved them all. I nursed for 45 years. I had success with my blogging in the since that I never tired of it and I had a lot to offer.

I helped many people and received many rewards from those I helped with my blogging. I guess the nurse in me came out in my blogging for many years. But I did not make much money at all.

And to some of you that may be very disappointing and even discouraging. Don’t be. I was not searching for that kind of success. But I was gaining skills, which turned out to be very beneficial…later.


Making Money Online is NOT Overnight Success

But Neither Is It Years and Years Before You Can Start Making Real Money

I can not stress enough you must learn your craft. You can not just set up a blog, make a few posts and have the money start pouring in, just because this is what you’ve decided to do so you can stay home and raise your family but still contribute financially. Which believe it or not is one of the main reasons many many people start blogging.

There are so many pieces to this puzzle.

It was not until I learned about affiliate marketing that I realized I had been doing it wrong if money was the success I was looking for, remember.


I keep Stressing You Need to Make A Decision. There’s a Reason. I Don’t Want You Making Any Mistakes.
Read My 6 Critical Things to Consider Before Deciding to  Blog.
It is in my Free Resource Library, The password is at the bottom of this post.






Exactly What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when someone else has a product that you want to promote.

These products could be:

  • A product  you already own and you think it is worth promoting.
  • Or maybe you want to own the product,
  • Or a lot of other people own the product and have given it great reviews.
  • Or it is in a Niche you want to blog about

So you promote that product by using your blog to promote it and someone buys it through your affiliate link. You will now get a commision for your effort. Wash Rinse and Repeat.

Having many affiliate products and promoting them skillfully is a big part of the success of affiliate marketing, and writing a blog for money.making money from blogging

You must take the time to learn to do this correctly and purposefully. There is nothing haphazard or simply luck in affiliate marketing. Everything is on purpose with intent. Or at least it is if you intend to make money. You need a Plan.

Is Affiliate Marketing the Only Way to Make Money Online?

No of course not? To name a few:

  • Ad revenue, which entails learning how to drive massive traffic to your site
  • Membership sites
  • Making your own product and selling it
  • Selling your services to help others online.


So What Do You Think?

So you obviously have a lot to think about. I would love to see you join the ranks of successful people who are writing a blog for money. It is very doable and can be very lucrative. You just must be willing to learn your craft, develop a business plan, (because it is definitely a business), and put in the work. You can do this.





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Writing a blog for money may not be for you. There are many things to consider. Blogging is hard and long hours and commitment and disappointment and the best job you could ever have. But if you think this isn't true. think again. Read my free report. 6 critical things to think about before deciding to blog. #blogformoney #makemoneyonline, #makemoneyfromhome





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