Pay off Debt Fast Even if You Feel It’s Hopeless – Pay Off Debt Budget and Worksheets

Time to Pay off Debt



 Pay off Debt Fast Even if You Feel It’s Hopeless


How did this happen? How could we have gotten so far into debt? You are just regular people, working your required 40 hours a week, and taking vacation once a year. You have a couple kids, a dog and a cat, pleasant home with a mortgage, two cars and…credit cards.Pay Off Debt- budget plan

Yikes! You wake up one day and you are in credit card debt and you realize life is out of control and you are in trouble. You need to take action now. Pay off debt fast!

Well you can pay off debt fast; it is not hopeless. My husband and I are proof that you can pay off your debt quickly and still live your life the way you comfortable with.

Many budget “experts” tell you that you need to live under your usual lifestyle in order to pay off debt. Others tell you need to feel some pain to be successful with debt payoff.  Well I don’t like pain, and I like control, so I realized there must be something else we could do.

I’m good with numbers. It’s my thing. Numbers make since to me. Putting together all these elements, my husband and I came up with a debt pay off plan and budget that we could live with. We wanted to live the lifestyle we were used to with the modifications necessary to get us out of trouble.


Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle? Yes! you Too Can Pay Off Your Debt

Time to Pay off DebtOkay now, we’ve determined you live paycheck to paycheck. And of course, that’s because you have debt. So, we must get rid of the debt. So you can start saving money. So, let’s find some extra cash.

There is an amazing amount “laying around” our lives that we just don’t see because it is always right there in front of our eyes. Let’s look at some ways to find some more money.

Now there are some viewpoints that think you should get another job to make money to pay off debt. Of course, you can do that if you want. Some people even think about blogging or making money online. I really want you to think about that before you make that decision. It is very doable, but it is also a commitment.  I wrote this article outlining some concerns, Writing A Blog For Money? – Maybe You Should Think About That.

But that is not how my husband and I felt about it. We were determined to continue in a life that we both loved and that did not include killing ourselves by working more jobs So that was a no for us. You do what you need to do. But you can make money other ways without killing yourself.




11 Ways to Get Extra Money to Pay Off Debt Without Killing Yourself

This section may be more tough for some than others. Why? It requires a little discipline and stick-to-it-tive-ness. Realistically, we all did get into debt because we didn’t pay attention to the details and things just stack up. So now we have to take a look at the details.

  1. It is a given- you must have a budget.
  2. Find places that you can save on a daily basis. Such as your daily Starbucks. I know, I know, I love Starbucks too and they seem to always get picked on when you talk about saving money. But hey there must be a reason for that. Starbucks are expensive! So, make your decision. If you get Starbucks daily, could you get one only three days a week? And if you are brave and you think you could make your coffee at home and not use Starbucks anymore, that’s even better!
  3. One place my husband and I found to save was with Cable. I didn’t want to give up cable at all. But with careful thought we discovered that we actually only watched one movie channel, we didn’t even look at the others, and by getting rid of all but one movie channel we saved $50 a month. Wow! Good one! (Notice, I didn’t say you had to get rid of your cable)
  4. Food Budget! We started using coupons and making a shopping list before we go to the super market. That helps to keep us on target and resist too many tangents in the store. We also budgeted a reasonable amount to spend each month for groceries that would fit in with our likes and wants with a little bit of belt tightening. And most importantly, you must shop with a calculator. I just turn on the calculator and put it on top of my purse in the little cart seat and as I shop I keep track of how much spent and I already know the budget. So, when it gets too close to the amount to spend, we may have to put back or make a different choice. Or put something on next month’s grocery list. But no matter, stick to the budget. We did it, you can too.
  5. Speaking of groceries. Try brown bagging it, buy a lunch or two everyday really adds up. And it’s healthier, so a win-win situation.
  6. Speak to your auto insurance agent, just ask what could be done to lower your rate, and then consider paying every six months or every year so you don’t have the monthly output. That is their business, they know how to save your money, they just don’t volunteer it.
  7. Same situation with homeowner’s insurance. Make sure everything covered is actually needed. And also ask about lower your costs. If you can’t you can’t but ya gotta ask.
  8. Now call every card company you have a credit card with, ask them for a lower interest rate. This can feel difficult to do at first, but the first call is the hardest. I have to tell you, we went through this and believe it or not, the credit card people are actually nice and they actually want to help us. They would rather us pay a lesser interest rate and keep paying than the alternative of not being able to pay, and they don’t get anything. So just make the call, trust me and see what happens. They can do this for you and they will if you ask.
  9. Another easy thing you can do is get rid of your junk. Isn’t it about time to do some cleaning anyway? How about a garage sale? Another option is to sell stuff on eBay, Amazon or Craig’s List. You can make a mint. I had an unorganized impromptu garage sale a few summers ago and made over $500. Imagine how much I could have made if I had prepared. It’s an idea. That cash would go a long way in your ability to pay off debt.
  10. Start a piggy bank. Yep, the kids can help too. But from now on, every time you pay cash for something, always round up to the next dollar when they give you the amount owed. For instance, you get a $1 coke at McDonalds, they ask for $1.06, you hand them $2. Set that change aside in a pocket or purse until you get home and then empty your pockets. All that change goes into the piggy bank. Then do it all over again tomorrow. Every night when you get home, you contribute your rounded up change into the piggy bank. Don’t worry, this one is really a fun thing.  It doesn’t pay off debt. It is your emergency fund, mad money, I just have to have something. But you are going to be surprised how quickly this adds up and it is a great way to spend some family time, rolling all the coins and counting your wealth. The Piggy bank can be anything but make it big cause you’ll fill it up like you won’t believe. This is the one I use.  When you reach a set goal like $500, Stop.  Put it in the bank! You are doing great!
  11. Look at your lifestyle. Are you frugal or wasteful? Turn off the lights and TV when you leave a room, even if you plan to come back in a little while. How many TV’s can you watch at one time? Don’t think convenience, think frugal.  Don’t waste water, turn off the water while you brush your teeth. Don’t use the dishwasher until it’s full. Don’t let the hose run outside, get one of those hose end controllers so you can turn it off when you are not using it. Make yourself a t-shirt with your new mantra. “I am frugal, hear me roar”  Or better yet, check out this one. Frugal and Fabulous. Whatever, just make it happen.

How to Pay Off Debt When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Okay, let’s get to it. You have debt, you want to get rid of it. But you still want to live a reasonable lifestyle and even enjoy yourself while you are doing it. So, let’s get started.

During this process it is very important not to use your credit card. Do whatever it takes to get them away from you, so they are not convenient to grabIn Debt Living Paycheck to Paycheck one when things get a little rough. Take them out of your wallet and leave them home. Put them in a block of ice in the freezer, bury them in the back yard; Let the dog tear them up. I don’t care. Just don’t use them.

But reasonableness does come to the fore here. After all that “don’t use those credit cards” jazz, there is the reality of life. Something could happen, something could go wrong. You could have a legitimate reason to need to use your credit card. We did build in to our debt pay off budget plan, a way to prepare for emergency situations. But still timing is everything. So, if you just must use your credit card. Do so for just the bare minimum to get by the situation, then get right back on track. You can do this!


Debt Pay Off Planner Getting Ready

  1. Write down every credit card you have, include the interest rate, we’ll talk about that in a moment, and include the minimum payment.
  2. Next write down any other debts you have such as student loans, car loans, personal loans, debt you owe your mom, anything else that you owe that you want to pay off.
  3. Now write down absolutely everything you would spend money on every month. These are the things that you will always have, you will not pay these off, You are always going to need them. This is the hardest step because you can really forget stuff and you’ll be amazed at everything you really spend money on. Some examples; Mortgage or rent, car payment, escrow payment, electric, consumers, telephone, cell phone, prescriptions, gasoline, date activities like movies, dinner date, (you just have to once in a while) Do you have a routine spending on clothes each month, or hosiery, or shoes? And please do not forget pocket money, or call it an allowance if you want, what you think you will need for the month.[What my husband and I do is Budget $400 a month, but take it out of checking only $100 a week between us, and if we actually don’t need it, we have money left over at the end of the month. That goes into savings or any of the things you are saving for. And then start over payday. Kind of another little income thing.] And if not monthly quarterly? The whole point here is to plan for whatever expenditures you already have each and every month. Brainstorm here, ask others in the household to help you not forget something. Do Not include Food, that is another part of the budget. But you are going to start spending cash instead of credit. You have to plan for this! It is a lifestyle change for the better. In this group include Savings or anything else you need to save for such as college fund or whatever. Don’t include an amount here, we’ll figure that out later.
  4. Okay, last, write down absolutely every little bit of income that you make each month. Everything! Husband’s paycheck, wife’s paycheck, alimony from previous life, gambling winnings- wait! Don’t gamble, I’m just making a point here. Every source of income, write it down. It may be just the paychecks. That’s good! This will work. I just wanted you to have an edge if you have one.





Thoughts on Which Credit Cards To Pay Off First- A Bit Controversial

Just a word about your Credit Card Debt. Now this is important because people disagree with me here. But just remember, I have done this, and it works. So, listen up. Most people in the world, all the financial experts are going to tell you to pay off your credit card with the highest interest rate first. Remember I had you write down your interest rate with your list of credit cards. Well I disagree.

Let me explain. I know that it is sensible to get rid of those high interest rate cards. They are sucking the life out of you. You ARE spending more in interest, I can’t deny that. BUT! This debt payoff plan is about cash flow. Accelerator payments. How to pay off debt fast. Okay, yes, if you cut out every fun thing in your life and spend nothing on anything but debt, debt, debt. And take an extra couple years to get rid of that heathen high interest rate credit card first. OR… you can do what this accelerator debt plan calls for. Pay off the card that has the largest minimum payment.

By paying off the card with the highest minimum payment you will have the largest amount of money to continue with your debt pay off. This will be explained in more detail when you download the Accelerator Debt Pay Off Planer.


One More Thought to Share About Paying Off The Mortgage

Okay there is no denying it. Your Mortgage is your largest debt. And boy wouldn’t the cash flow be wonderful when that was paid off? Well yes it would. But we need to be reasonable.

If you had no other debt and you felt the need to pay off your Mortgage. then that is time to do it. The reason is that is you were to spend every extra penny on the Mortgage pay off, you would not have any extra money to pay off anything else. for a very long time. What really is the point? Fast Debt Pay off is supposed to be Fast.

Your Home is more of an investment that a debt. It is also, practically  the only deductible left to offset your taxes. Also when you have some equity in your home you can make it work for you if you needed to some major repair or updating on your home. It is a tool you own.

This Budget Pay Off Plan does not include the Mortgage as part of the debt you will pay off. After you are debt free and you want to pay off your mortgage next. Well that is your business. And imagine the accelerator payment you could make to your mortgage. They say if you make one extra mortgage payment per year, you decrease your time to pay  off by seven years. (Don’t quote me, that’s just what “they” say) Imagine how easy it would be to make an extra payment or two each year. Your Mortgage would fly into Paid off!

So for now let’s just get on the same page about not having the Debt Pay off Budget Plan NOT including the Mortgage. Nuff said.


Final Thoughts About Your Debt Free Future

So I have outlined for you the plan to pay off your debt. Living a more frugal as well as intentional life. Living on a budget, albeit an exciting budget as you see your debt melt away. But what does the future hold?

No Excuses, Pay off DebtI want you to understand something. This is a budget on purpose, not to make your life miserable. It does not make you give up every last thing you ever enjoyed. Life is still going to be led the way you like it. Yes you will make some choices. Yes, you will be strong and decide not to spend on certain things. Yes, you put away your credit cards. But all of this is just for now.

My husband and I paid off $40,000 in 2 years. Seriously how many years, and what bad habits do you think got us into that hole? While you are on this Pay Off Debt Budget Plan you are going to realize there is a better safer way to live but just as fun. And having the freedom of not having debt is worth it. And planning for a future that may include an emergency or two is stress reducing and makes you feel like a real winner.

You can do this! I know, I did it. I really care about your success and have done everything I can to help you. The rest is up to you. Come on, go for it!


You Are Now Ready to Start Figuring Out Your Pay Off Debt Budget Plan.

This is the exciting part!

Now add up the column of things that are from here forward going to be what you will be spending cash on monthly.

  1. ANSWER: _____________

Then add up the column (Yeah, I know, much shorter isn’t it? Well it won’t take as long, let’s get positive people!) of all your monthly income.

2. ANSWER: ______________

Now subtract A from B

3. ANSWER: _______________

C is your Accelerator Payment!! Some other people call this by other names. I don’t know, this is what I call it. Whatever you want to call it this is your number that is going to change your life.

What the Heck Do You Do With This Number?   Well, that’s what is next.

Accelerated Debt Pay Off Plan With Budget Spreadsheets and Printables

Here is What You Will Get In This Package

I have put together a complete package to get you on the road to success. There is nothing worse than having all the tools at hand and just not quite sure what to do with them all. You have never done this. You need help. I am that help. I promise these are valuable keys to your success. They will help you work efficiently and quickly. You can start this Pay Off Debt Diet today. This is what is included.

  1. A printable of the “11 ways to get extra money to pay off debt”
  2. A Printable  for “Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Worksheet”
  3. A Printable for your total “Monthly Outgoing Expenses” that are particular for you. You will continue paying for these with cash.
  4. A printable for the “Brainstorm Checklist” Monthly Outgoing Expenses that is a brainstorming sheet to help you make a complete list of everything you will need to pay for a whole month, so you won’t get caught by surprise, by something you forgot to budget.
  5. Your total “Monthly Income Worksheet” with some brainstorming ideas to stimulate your thinking. Also a list for routine monthly income and  a list for any lump sums or cash you have mustered up for your big debt pay off journey. You may be surprised you won’t be using every penny here for debt.
  6. A Printable worksheet for your “Credit Card and Debt Data” All the things you want to pay off, and to be included in your budget debt pay off plan.
  7. A Printable worksheet for figuring out which debt to pay off first, second, third, etc. The place to start.
  8. A 10 Page PDF of the post that got you here, ” Pay Off Debt Fast Even If You Think It is Hopeless” You have to admit that was a ton of information that will be useful over and over. Now you can have it at the ready.
  9. Of course your “Accelerated Debt Pay Off Budget Plan” that is in Excel format and is editable. or you can download it and work on a paper copy. But editable is very important because you can use if over and over and over as time passes. The Debt Worksheet goes out 18 months, if it takes longer than that you can rework the sheet with new dates and new data and keep going.
  10. I have included a second editable Excel Worksheet incase anything happens to the first one or you accidently erase some of the formulas in the budget. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. In truth I am not an excel person except for the basics, so I need some cheat help, I did this for you too.
  11. And most importantly, I have a step by step 17 page PDF Explanation and How to, with examples, charts and screenshots and all the details of how to put the whole process into effect and how to use your budget and how to project your timing of paying things off. Worth the whole ball of wax.

But That’s Not All:

  • The above 17 page PDF explanation goes a little further and gives you some very interesting details that help you really get the true flavor of managing your money. I explain to you how the lowered interest rate on your credit cards is actually like an accelerated pay off in itself.
  • As well as help you figure out how long each debt is going to take to pay off, and how to schedule that into your chart and your budget.
  • And following this pattern that I teach you, you will be able to predict  when you will will be debt free.
  • As well as explaining in detail how the Budget Plan gives you extra money each month you pay off a debt,  that goes toward your life, not your debt, and exactly how to work your accelerator payment into your income and budget so that you don’t double dip.

I truly believe that this information is valuable and will immensely help you with your success. I wouldn’t have spent the time putting this together if I didn’t believe that. I hope you will avail yourself of this freeing opportunity.

When Will You Get Your Pay Off Debt Budget Plan Accessory Package

Immediately!  You will Be directed to pay with credit card  through Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account in order to pay through paypal. But if you do that’s great. After your payment is complete you will be directed to your download immediately. But as a backup you will also receive an email with your download link which you can use up to three more times.  It will be like I am in your inbox ready to help you through the process and get you on your way to your debt free life. That’s amazing.

So what’s it going to cost? 

A One time payment of $27 


If you see the value of this package 




This resource library is open to everyone for free.  

Free Printables, reports and other fun things. Ever Growing, Have a Look!

The Password to my Free Resource Library is ‘HappyLife’. No sign ups, just free!

We want everyone to Live their Best Life. Please Enjoy Your read. 


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Pay off debt is the best way to reduce stress and increase health in your life. I've been there, I know. Everything I know is in this pay off Debt Pack prepared for you. spreadsheets, worksheets, printables. Pay off debt fast and take back your life.



Paying off debt does not have to be so painful that you hate the very thought. Get out of debt now even if you've tried before, Or even if you are on a low income. I was in debt and I paid off my debt. Everything I used I'm including in this pay off debt pack. Includes Budget plan, spreadsheets and worksheets and printables Get out of debt and take back your life and health.



Pay off debt and stop the painful existence of stress and worry. Take back your life even if you live paycheck to paycheck. I was in debt and I've paid it all off and without suffering. You can have a fancy coffee once in awhile and still get out of debt. Everything I used, I've included, worksheets, spreadsheets, printables. Get out of debt, take back your freedom and life. Stopped being stressed.

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