Why Declutter and Organize Your Home Is NOT Worth It


Don’t Waste Your Time With Declutter and Organize Your Home

It Won’t Work Until You Read These Reasons As To Why


Declutter and organize your home is what you were taught as a child growing up. Maybe not those words but you needed to keep your room clean Declutter and Organize Your Homeas a kid weren’t you? Sometimes we have to wonder what happened. Just how did you get so much stuffAnd decluttering and organizing your home can be life changing, but when you get right down to it, clutter is ruining your life. Plain and simple.

Decluttering can be a very worthwhile and valuable endeavor. Of course it is better to have a clean home.  However, just picking things up and putting then down somewhere else is not the answer. You need to figure out how and why it got there in the first place. There is actually a whole The Psychology of Clutter You can read this free downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post.

Without personal evaluation and insight, any progress you make will more than likely be undone. There are undeniable negative effects of clutter. Read on to discover why declutter and organize your home just isn’t worth the effort  but how deeper personal insight can lead to lasting change.








Decluttering Isn’t the Answer Alone

It Is the Result Of Figuring Out The Why- Declutter Your Life for Less Stress


how to declutter and organize your homeFeeling overwhelmed by clutter? Usually when you are starting on a journey, you start with the first step, which in this case is understanding. Parting with your collected stuff is the last step in declutter and organize your home. You may have things like clothing or shoes that you haven’t used in years.  Or suppose you diligently  donate something like  an item of clothing for each new piece you bring home. Well, that is a good sentiment but why did it come into your home in the first place? Did you need… it or want it? It is also very important to declutter your home to decrease your stress.


For decluttering methods to stick, you must evaluate your reasons for the decisions you make regarding your possessions, why you buy them? How Clutter actually affects your life.  How much you think you need or want? How often do you bring more into the house? What is your plan? Just what is your plan? Do you consider that you will eventually run out of room? If that thought never crosses your mind, you may indeed have a problem.



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Decluttering Won’t Help You Figure Out Why You Have So Much In The First Place

Psychological Reasons For Clutter

Why is it that you didn’t clean out a space for your new belongings? Why do you just keep adding to it? You must actually consider the personal motivations for your attachment to the stuff you own.

For example, do you hold onto things because you fear being without? Further examination may lead to the realization that you are holding onto habits from a childhood of poverty. Or maybe this is the way you watched your parent do it. Or it could be as simple as you had a plan but didn’t follow through or you ran out of time or you lost your motivation.

Something stopped you, you need to figure out how to make this a priority and figure out your reasoning. You need to give yourself permission to let go of the need to keep too much stuff around that you don’t really need or have a reason to keep.  It is causing your life to be chaotic and uncomfortable for you and others.

Decluttering Doesn’t Only Benefit You

It Can Also Be A Benefit For  Others.

You’ve heard of the generosity of others. Well that could be you. Decluttering without mindfulness does little to help others who could benefit from your overstock. Just tossing things out or into a box for later is still keeping it in your control.  But if you think about your reasons for cleaning up, you may decide it would be a good idea to share with those in need or less fortunate. After all you do seem to have an abundance of things to share.

Taking steps to get rid of some things and tidy up, without understanding your reasons for doing so, rarely leads to the kinds of results that could come from purposeful action. When you understand why you got in this condition in the first place, and what you hope to gain from the declutter and organize of your home,  only then can you actually make head way into the declutter of your surroundings and as a side benefit be able to share your abundance.

There is a Psycology to Clutter that gives further insight to the Why this has happened to you. Reading this will help you reach your decluttering  goal with success and greater ease. You can obtain The Psychology of Clutter   at the bottom of this post. An instant downloadable Free PDF that I keep in my Free Resource Library. You can get the password Below.

Decluttering Can Actually Impact Your Bottom Line Financially

But Only If You Take The Time To Find You Why So It Can Be Lasting


One of the benefits of having an excess of stuff is the fun way of getting rid of it,  and it can be beneficial to the bottom line,decluttering and organizing your home

Garage sale! Or whatever way you might decide to make money for your extra stuff that is now leaving your home for good.

However, without examining your motives for acquiring so much stuff and evaluating your priorities in life, you’re practically guaranteed to buy more items to take the place of those you’ve sold, so not only to you not make an extra money, you’ve only managed to fund your buying habit and now more stuff is in your home to add to the stuff you already have and the cycle just continues.








Decluttering Without Figuring Out The Why Just Won’t Change Your Life

Clutter is Ruining Your Life

So Decluttering without forethought is a temporary quick fix, that actually fixes nothing. If you actually did manage to declutter and organize your home, it is no more than a facade and it probably won’t last which will cause you nothing but frustration.

If you want to change your life by implementing healthy changes and making positive strides, you first must do the work of introspection.
Taking time to evaluate what has led to your clutter and to consider your lifestyle goals will go a long way toward creating a soothing home environment that lasts.

Decluttering doesn’t work on its own, but combining it with mindfulness can lead to success.And once you decide you are ready to change your environment you can do it with peace of mind in the knowledge that it will be a lasting success.



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Declutter and Organize your home only after you figure out why it got that way in the first place. Clutter is ruining your life, Declutter your life for less stress. Don't let the negative effects of clutter control you. Declutter and get control. Free downloadable report Psychology of Clutter. #Declutter #organize

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